My Dream!!

Back in 2005 when I first joined Facebook I had read about Affiliate Marketing and blogging. My goal then as well as now was to create a website that I could earn money from and escape from Corporate America! Like most good working Americans I hate my job and I grow tired and weary of living paycheck to paycheck barely able to afford paying my bills and buying food. Living the typical American lifestyle leaves me no money available for any type of entertainment, hobbies, travel, or fun. Typically all I have time for is work and sleep.

My past attempts at producing an income from the internet have been abject failures, and trying to find someone to mentor me, or help me build up that income has also been an abject failure. Not only was I unable to earn any money, I have found more con artists, liars, and cheats than you would ever want to know! It has been an interesting journey to say the least!!

They say that no failure is truly a failure if you learn something from it! The problem is that no one knows what I have learned but me, and the only way to convey what I have learned is through writing, and video recording it! So here I go again attempting to publish on my own blog the knowledge I have accumulated over the years in the hope that someone else will read my work and NOT make the same mistakes.

So the first Lesson I would like to convey to anyone reading my blog is to Trust Yourself – AND if you would like to read my first post on Trusting Yourself here is a link to my Facebook Post on the subject!!

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Starting Over

My old Blog hosted by Frihost is all but dead, and with all my past failures I am starting over again in Crypto Currencies and this old WordPress dot com blog will be my primary blog. It is going to take me some time to get set up so please be patient as I attempt to make money AGAIN on the web!

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